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Here comes more classics!

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on the Switch is getting new members as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, and Star Soldier arrives on the platform April 10th. The NES on the Switch is a service available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

First let’s take a look at Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, the pumped-up version of the classic side scroller. The game transported players into a whole new Mario experienced thanks to its increased difficulty and changed mechanics. This was the first time we were greeted by poison mushrooms, warped levels, and mid-air wind gusts.

Luigi also received some new traits such as increased jump height and reduced ground friction, basically separating his identity from his iconic brother. The game is limited to just single-player despite having the option of using Mario or Luigi. It was first released on the Family Computer Disk System way back in 1986 and garnered the reputation as one of Nintendo’s hardest games and the series’ black sheep.

Next up, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, the iconic boxing game of the olden times. The game is the birthing place of yet another iconic Nintendo character, Little Mac. It was originally an arcade title that was ported to the NES, with reduced graphics and tweaked mechanics.

Punch Out!! was better remembered due to Nintendo’s licensing agreement with then World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson, who became the series’ final level until both party’s agreements ended. Since then, the final boss became known as Mr. Dream. The game won accolades during its time and is considered one of the best NES game ever released.

Lastly, Star Soldier, a shoot ’em up space game developed by Hudson Soft (during their prime) for the NES back in 1986. The game will be the first title of what will be a long-running series that spans generations.

In Star Solider, players are given control of a starship “Ceaser” as they fight to save the galactic empire from supercomputer villains called “Starbrains”. The game highly resembles an early arcade game known as Star Force.

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