Arena of Evolution: Red Tides looks a lot like Auto Chess, now in soft launch


The resemblance to Auto Chess is just uncanny!

Update: The game was recently renamed to Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

A new game might just be stealing the thunder of Auto Chess, the mobile iteration of the hit custom Dota 2 map Dota Auto Chess, even before its release. Meet, Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, a game with mechanics looking a lot like, if not exactly the same, as Auto Chess.

Author’s Note: If you want to know more about Dota Auto Chess, we made a detailed article of the game’s features and gameplay here.

Arena of Evolution

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides went into soft launch a few days ago in select countries. The core mechanics of the game is downright Auto Chess:

  • Place heroes on a chess board.
  • Upgrade these heroes by combining three copies of it.
  • Pair up heroes in synergies based on their species and class.
  • Each hero has a different rarity associated with their price.
  • Fights against 7 other players in a last man standing match.
  • Level up by buying experience.
  • Obtain items from creep rounds.

We were able to play a single match and we can confirm that the entire hero pool of the game is somewhat original (based on what we saw). There were also some changes, which we actually consider quality of life improvements. Anyway, we’ll test the game out further and share our thoughts in a separate article.

If you wish to check the game out yourselves head on over to this link. Take note, the game is only available in select countries, though we can confirm it’s available in the Philippines. An iOS version is still in the works according to the devs.