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Here comes a new expansion for the hit miniature war game!

Fantasy Flight Games’ large-scale fleet miniature war game, Star Wars: Armada, is getting a new campaign expansion in the form of Rebellion in the Rim. It’s a long way from release though as the sale date is pegged sometime in Q3 2019.

The second campaign expansion for the game, Rebellion in the Rim brings two to six players to the mid and outer rims of the star wars universe as they fight for control over territories and resources.

Players and their teammates must decide which side to support, the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. The goal is to amass enough campaign points to secure the victory.

The expansion adds twelve new standard objective cards and eleven new campaign objective cards to further extend gameplay possibilities. Another new addition is the ability of players to create their own commander from scratch, rather than selecting a pre-made one to attach to their flagship.

This commander can be outfitted with an ability of the player’s choosing, which they can further improve as they engage in combat and gain experience.

The expansion will also be including 28 new upgrade cards, some of which are iconic characters of the franchise. Other than that, we’ll be getting eight unique squadron cards to pair with the Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack.

You can pre-order a copy of Rebellion in the Rim at your local retailer or over at Fantasy Flight Game’s own website (login required).

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