Borderlands 3 is here!


Yep, It’s not a Battle Royale

The Borderlands PAX East stream just concluded earlier today, and after all these years of waiting, Borderlands 3 was officially announced, take a look at the reveal trailer below.

We have a peek at our 4 new characters, with one of them definitely being a Siren. No specifics on what each character’s class specializes in or what their skills, and skills tree are, but we’re looking forward to future details on this.

As well as on our main antagonists, the twins, who are leaders of a cult called Children of the Vault. We’re interested how they can compare to previous antagonists like Handsome Jack. There’s also rumors that the female twin is a Siren (Look at her left arm).

The trailer also showcases the different worlds we can go to. It seems, we can travel to other planets other than Pandora. as the reveal trailer mentions “Explore the Worlds”. The trailer showcases different areas that deviate from Pandora’s usual wasteland setting, from swamps to futuristic utopias.

Adding to this, characters from previous borderlands are also set to return, including the Original Borderland’s crew, to the Not-so-tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock, Claptrap, a long-haired Maya and a few more. It’s worth noting the Tales of the Borderland’s main protagonist Rhys is seen beside Borderlands 2’s protagonist Zer0.

The franchise currently has 3 sirens, Maya, Lilith, and Angel; possibly 2 more were announced in this trailer, the female twin and the protagonist. The Borderlands lore revolves on there only being 6 sirens, meaning we could possibly get to know all the 6 sirens in this point in time.

Finally, the trailer has revealed that there will be about 1 billion guns, yes you heard that right, 1 billion guns. Sticking to the original Looter Shooter gameplay we all know and love.

Unfortunately, no official launch date was announced. Gearbox however, is hinting on revealing more details on April 3. What are your thoughts? are you excited that Borderlands 3 is finally happening?