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Bethesda’s mobile Elder Scrolls is almost here!

After going on a roller coaster ride since its announcement back in E3 2018, Elder Scrolls: Blades is now finally in the palm of our hands. As promised Bethesda has opened early access to the game right in time for the spring season, sneakily.

Dang it! We wanted to try it out!

Elder Scrolls: Blades went into a closed beta run on iOS prior to its early access. The game is basically a minimized Elder Scrolls experience — combat in first person view, the three core stats are there (stamina, magick, and health), and dual wielding is still possible. Combat is pretty much Elder Scrolls, except for the fact its been optimized for touchscreen displays.

Bethesda is currently controlling the number of players that have access to the game, so you may or may not be lucky enough to be selected to try it out. Either way, you can at least preload it as you wait for access. Download the game through these links:

If you haven’t registered for access yet head on over to this link here.

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