Albion Online to go Free-to-Play on April 10th


Albion Online is opening its doors to the public!

Albion Online, the cross-platform MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, is returning to its roots as it goes free-to-play (f2p) next month, April 10th. The game launched back in 2017 for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Albion Online actually had quite a rough release journey, starting out as a very promising new free-to-play cross-platform MMORPG. During the closed beta phase of the game back in 2016, however, Sandbox Interactive dropped the news that Albion Online will no longer be f2p at launch.

This was due to a few reasons — an f2p model would mean longer development time and it opens the game to a lot of risks (spamming, botting, fewer contents, smaller map, etc.). Although, the devs did say the f2p model will just be put on “hold” rather than the game taking the buy-to-pay route entirely. Two years later, it seems that Sandbox Interactive is finally ready to deliver on their promise.

So, how exactly will the payment method work now? Well, the game will now take the normal setup we’re accustomed to — a base free-to-play model and a Premium Status, which can be bought with real money or the ingame currency (sweet!).

Starter Packs will officially be discontinued once the game transitions to being free-to-play. The same goes for Trial Keys and Referral Seasons, which will be discontinued come March 27th and April 10th, respectively. Although, the packs will be on sale for 33% before the transition.

Of course, Sandbox Interactive will not leave players who bought the game hanging. So, Founder and Starter Pack accounts will receive the following:

  • Specter Wolf Mount
  • 1,000 Gold
  • 3 Days of Claimable Premium

There will also be an in-game ten-day Fame Boost starting April 1 up until April 10th, which increases earned fame by 25%. We’ll be sure to take the game out for a spin once it opens its doors to the public.