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We’re hoping for a western release!

The Seven Deadly Sins mobile game, Seven Deadly Sins: Battle of Light and Darkness, being developed by Netmarble just hit its pre-registration phase in Japan. Sorry guys, you know the drill about these games, they always release first in the land of the rising sun.

As we suspected, Seven Deadly Sins: Battle of Light and Darkness is using the ever so infamous Gacha system, where players roll/summon/pull from a set of characters, items, and/or the like. We don’t specifically know what the Gacha is in the game, whether its the 7D characters, or equipment or something else. Though judging by the combat system we’re guessing the cards (those star rankings gave it away), which you use for actions in battle, are the ones that players will pull for.

The game looks stunning and the animations are fluid. We’re just sad we won’t be able to play it once it comes out (we’re not well-versed with the Japanese languages). In any case, if you’re one of those peeps who can understand or even tolerate playing in a different language, then here’s the link to the pre-registration.

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