RuneScape mobile members beta 2nd wave now live


Non-members will to wait a bit longer!

The second wave of beta access for the mobile version of one of the longest running, and arguably most famous, web MMORPG, RuneScape, is now live. There’s just a small caveat, its still members only access (those on the paid subscription model).

Screenshot from the mobile preview of the RS devs last year

This is the modern version of the game, based on the RuneScape 3 system, which is different from the previously released Old School RuneScape Mobile (Andoird, iOS). The game is basically RS3 at its core just optimized for the small screen. It also supports cross-play, so don’t worry you won’t have to create a new account on mobile.

If you wish to try it out now then go grab the membership subscription and download the game via the link below (only open for Android users at the moment, sorry iOS peeps):

Just a PSA, it’s first come, first serve, so better hurry up if you wish to test the game out.