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It’s taking a while for this one…

Bethesda’s mobile adaptation of their Elder Scrolls franchise, Elder Scrolls: Blades, is set to do a Closed Beta run prior to Early Access, which is happening this Spring. The game is actually on a roller coaster ride after getting announced back in E3 2018.

Initially slated for a September 2018 release, Elder Scrolls: Blades got pushed back several times until Bethesda just slapped it with an “Early 2019 release” tag. Now we’re finally getting closer to experiencing actual gameplay (hallelujah!).

As always, closed beta access are invite only and will be sent out by Bethesda randomly to users who registered for one. The closed beta will be the full game experience but is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), meaning players are forbidden to share screenshots and gameplay snippets. Sadly, the closed beta is only open to iOS users (dang it Bethesda!).

Early Access, happening this spring, is pretty much the same banana except everyone now has a chance of participating and it’s no longer under NDA. Bethesda will be handing out Early Access passes on a rotational basis to players, so keep an eye out on your emails. Any progress and stuff bought during Early Access will carry over to the game on launch.

You can sign-up for a chance of getting an Early Access pass here.

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