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Thimble me this!

Terrible Toybox’s graphic adventure game, Thimbleweed Park, is currently doing a free to get run on the Epic Game Store. Basically, grab the game now and you can keep it even after the said end date, which is March 7th. It’s actually been a week now since the run but better late than never right? In any case, we’re glad we still have time to get it!

In Thimbleweed Park players are given the option to swap between five different playable characters in the middle of gameplay. The game is viewed in a third person perspective with a UI composing of three main components — A list of verbs, items, and the player’s current location. Players will then combine these three components for their character to perform an action (as seen in the trailer above).

Five characters with their own hidden agendas!

The game is touted as a spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island thanks to it’s visual and gameplay resemblance to the two titles. Although, the true main reason is the devs of those two previous titles are also the ones who created Thimbeweed.

If you wish to experience this unique mystery adventure game then head on over to the Epic Game store and grab a copy of the game now (link here).

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