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This is Gen 8!

After a whirlwind announcement yesterday of a Pokemon Direct, Nintendo finally delivered with a livestream focused on the next entry to the core Pokemon series — Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Huge map!

We got snippets of gameplay showcasing what the two new titles have to offer. From the looks of it, we’re having similar elements to Let’s Go in terms of map navigation but the maps are relatively larger and more immersive. The graphics too are bumped up and are a lot more refined, this includes sleeker battle scenes and Pokemon encounters. The snippets didn’t reveal that much but at least we got a taste!

The three starters!

This time around the game will be centered in the Galar region. We also got introduced to the three new starters — Grookey (Grass), Scorbunny (Fire), and Sobble (Water).

The game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019. That’s all the info there is about Sword and Shield so far. If you wish to watch the entire short 7- minute direct click here.

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