Meet Rainbow Six Siege’s New Australian Operators


The Rainbow Six Invitational has come to a wrap and the new Australian Operators for the coming season has been revealed in full.

The Attacking Operator is Gridlock. She utilizes Trax spikes, which deploys it in the ground producing multiple spikes in a wide area. These can damage defenders for 10 HP per second while also slowing them down, and making noise. To counter this the defenders must destroy the spikes by either melee hits, explosives or simply shooting them. However all these actions, will produce noise. This is where Gridlock’s gameplay specializes in. She goes for either area denial or information gathering.

The Defending Operator is Mozzie. Mozzie is able to shoot out the Pest. This Pest automatically goes to drones in its vicinity and hacks them. Allowing for Mozzie to use these drones normally. However he can’t pick them up nor let them go outside the map. Attackers can avoid these, one is that there is a warning icon when a drone is near a Pest and they can determine hacked drones by looking if the light of the drone is blue.

To learn more about them be sure to check out the Official Burnt Horizon Operator Video

Gridlock’s Loadout

Gridlock seems to have an assault rifle and an LMG, in which the LMG has a similar optics to that of the Moroccan Operator’s Pistol. On the otherhand, Mozzie has an SMG and an Automatic Pistol.

Mozzie’s Loadout

Mozzie’s Commando 9 seems to have a special reload animation that is described as “ripper”. Both these operators have a secondary shotgun called the Super Shorty. this makes them the second CTU to have a secondary shotgun (Third if you count the Italian Operator Baliff)

To top it off Ubisoft has announced their Roadmap for Year 4. With the next Season featuring Operators from US Secret Service and Denmark. Season 3 having Peruvian and Mexican Operators, and finally, Season 4 will have Indian and Kenyan Operators.

It also seems only Outback will be the new map as the following seasons involve reworks of Kanal, Kafe, and Theme Park. They seem to be taking a new approach this year as the next operators have differing countries and maps are only getting reworks. Quite different from the usual 2 operators from the same country and new maps each season format.

So what are your thoughts on the new operators? Do you think they’re fairly balanced or do they allow for interesting gameplay?

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