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Vainglory, one of the more popular MOBA’s on mobile, finally finished its transition to PC via Steam. With it comes the support for crossplatform play. Meaning players from both PC and Mobile are able to play against each other.

Master Shifu, Intense Form?!

The release to PC coincided with the game’s 4.0 update, which introduced a new hero, skins, revamped game modes and performance and bug fixes. San Feng, The Patient Master, is the centerpiece of this update. His kit primarily focuses on CC (crowd control) such as stuns, slows, and knockbacks. We’re also receiving new skins for Anka, Varya, and Catherine.

As for the new available game modes, we now only have:

  • 5v5 Ranked
  • 5v5 Casual
  • 3v3 Ranked
  • Rumble
  • Blitz

The game also received updates on its match accept screen and friends list as well as some bug fixes on SAW and Ozo and some balance changes (notes here). In case you’re interested in trying out the game here are the links to the Steam and Mobile versions:

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