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Civ VI’s latest expansion and the proclaimed biggest one yet in the history of the franchise is now out on Steam. Gathering Strom introduces new mechanics as well as new civilizations, leaders, world wonders, units, and many more.

In total, the Gathering Storm brings with it:

  • 7 new world wonders
  • 7 natural wonders
  • 18 new units
  • 9 new buildings
  • 5 new districts
  • 2 new city sets
  • 9 new techs
  • 10 new civics
  • 8 new civilizations
  • 9 new leaders

Although the main attraction of this expansion is the addition of natural events such as Volcanoes, expanded floods, droughts, and of course, storms. This added a living, breathing, and more realistic feel into the game, which brings it closer to a real-world experience. Of course, those new buildings and districts were added to counteract these dreaded natural events or even to take advantage of its effects.

The Gathering Storm is priced at Php 1,410 (~$ 26.84) — Get it here.

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