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The latest map to enter the roster of Rainbow Six Siege’s Map has been teased. To tie in with the upcoming season’s Australian theme, Outback is set in a motel placed in the country’s Red Heart. Let’s see what Ubisoft has in store for Year 4 of this widely popular FPS.

According to Jacques Wong, the Assistant Level Design Director, the map will feature 3 main places of interest: the Motel, Garage, and the Restaurant. The gameplay this map will provide focuses more on player decisions as there are a small number of doors. Being a medium-sized map, it’ll be interesting to see the type of strategy players can come up with compared to last season’s maps.

The teaser trailer provides us with a quick look on what this map would look like. At first glance the hotel part seems to look like the maps Hereford Base and Oregon. While the garage seems to be a variation of Clubhouse’s Garage. As what Wong said, this map was inspired by both Oregon and Clubhouse.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that this will be a great addition to kick off the game’s 4th year?

We will have a better look on Outback along with the 2 new Australian Operators on the Full Reveal of Operation Burnt Horizon during the Rainbow Six Invitationals taking place on February 17.

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